In response to a community that was devastated by tragic loss on September 11, 2001 – Staten Island is home to a large number of New York City’s public sector employees – Music at Saint Alban’s began as a series of high-caliber classical music concerts to help bring a sense of peace and harmony back into our neighborhood. Recognizing that classical music has become isolated from the majority of the public’s experience, the series also seeks to engender a deeper understanding of and appreciation for concert music in those who have had little or no past experience of classical music. As well, the series has become a respected concert venue for music lovers in the area over its first five seasons.

Music at Saint Alban’s is one of only a small number of venues presenting classical music on Staten Island. It is one of a very few, and the only one on the Island’s South Shore, regularly presenting performances by critically acclaimed international performers. Our artists have graced the stages of the world’s more noted venues and music festivals. In fact, two celebrated musicians, soprano Marni Nixon and flutist Carol Wincenc, were featured in concerts in our past seasons, along with other artists equally gifted but less well-known.

Due to the time and expense involved in travelling to Manhattan and the other boroughs of the city, many Staten Islanders, especially senior citizens, are unable or unwilling to attend concerts off of the Island. Our programs, location (on the South Shore of Staten Island), and affordable ticket prices make it possible for our patrons to experience classical music of the same quality as in any venue in New York City.

According to the Staten Island Advance (April 20, 2007), “The Music at Saint Alban’s series transpires on a quiet side street in Eltingville — way off the beaten track — but you’d hardly know it inside the landmarked Gothic Revival church. Both the musicians and the programming are as sophisticated as any venue in the city. Only the cost of tickets fails to hit a big-city level. It’s far lower.”